Assisi Ceramic Wonders of Enrico Marrani

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Stop in to visit Enrico Marrani

As you head up from the Basilica di San Francesco in Via San Francesco, you’ll probably still have visions in your head of the fresco masterpieces in the Basilica, arguably declared the world’s greatest 13th/14th-century fresco cycle. But keep your eyes open for the botteghe(“workshops”) of the many modern-day Assisi artists. In Via San Franceco, stop to see the masterpieces of Enrico Marrani.

Born near Perugia, Enrico studied painting, sculpture and restoration techniques as a young man, his artistic talents very evident at an early age. After a period of research and experimentation, he found his most authentic and mature artistic expression in painting on ceramics.

He creates masterpieces on antique tiles and terracotta (set in frames of antique wood) which bring to life some of his favorite themes: portraits of noblewomen and knights, hunting scenes, religious figures, and above all the majestic Umbrian countryside.

Enrico works with a master woodworker in creating stunning furniture incorporating his ceramic artworks. World leaders and Popes possess Marrani masterpieces. You’ll want to drop in to see the wonders, learning from Enrico the detailed, refined technique he uses in creating his masterpieces.

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