Other Italy Favorites

You Can’t Miss Sperlonga

Dante had Virgil by his side and I had Rocco during my three-day unforgettable Speronga stay. I can thank him for my seaside apartment with views… – and for pointing me to Alessandro’s Ristorante Le Bistrot (where else to eat such superb seafood?) …and for setting me on the best route to see the Roman… View Article

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Our Sicily Adventures

Sometimes, I am asked my favorite places in Italy by apartment guests and tour guests. Hard to say. Every single one of the twenty regions is magical. I do have a special love for the region of Sicily, where we’ve been countless times (my husband Pino was born in Palermo). Here are a few highlights… View Article

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Savoring Calabrian Goodness

Our trips to Sucily from Umbria always include a stop in a special place.

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