Gubbio’s Passione for the Ceri

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It’s really very simple: it you don’t experience la passione, you can’t know Italy.

In Assisi, la passione for the Calendimaggio, three-day medieval festival celebrating the re-birth of spring, takes over in early May. In Bevagna, la passione for medieval crafts and medieval lifestyles transforms all of Bevagna the last ten days of June during the Mercato delle Gaite.

Euphoric jazz passione reigns in Perugia during Umbria Jazz in mid-July.

And in Gubbio on May 15th, la passione for the Corsa dei Ceri is the force which enables the teams of ceraioli to carry huge wooden prisms weighing over 300 kilos up a mountain in a dead run.

If you see la Corsa dei Ceri, you’ll understand they the people from Gubbio are known as “i matti dell’Italia” (“the mad ones of Italy”)!

I will never be anywhere else but in Gubbio on May 15th. Join me?

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