Our Assisi Apartment Connects to “the Locals”…and not only

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Try this goodness, Kevin!

Kevin (from Massachusetts) just left for home after nearly a month in our Assisi rental apartment Il Nido Tranquillo (“the tranquil nest”) and his Assisi “last supper” was with us at our Assisi farmhouse -and a visit afterward to farm friends: not his only dinner in our home, not his only visit to our farm friends!

Kevin had also joined in one of my Perugia guided tours (as my guest) and revelled in Spello’s infiorate – as did Joe (from New York) in early June. Joe was wrapping up five weeks in our Assisi apartment and Kevin was just about to move in: they met over stunning floral tapestries of Spello – and re-connected again when joining us for dinner at treasured farm-friend Peppa’s.

As for all apartment guests, Joe, too, had joined one of my guided tours: my Assisi tour (and he’d taken this tour before!) He was here for tranquillity and contemplation but sidelined those objectives a couple of times: in early May, Joe was with us at Calendimaggio, cheering on “Sopra” (“upper Assisi” – our family’s “side”) and he went as wild as the rest of us at Gubbio’s Ceri festival in mid-May.

Joe greets guests from “il Nido Tranquillo”

Kevin and Joe, good to have you with us here in Assisi and let us connect again soon, here or there!

NOTES from Joe and Kevin (left in our Assisi apartment guest book):

May 30, 2013

As the end of my five weeks in Assisi – (four staying in “Il nidi tranquilo”) – comes to an end, I am reflecting on the wonderful times I have had – the marvelous people I have met and the friends I have made.

Marino offers his homemade grappa to Kevin

The apartment has been an ideal home to retreat to at day’s end, whether I’d traveling to neighboring towns, sitting in the piazza visiting with new friends, or spending quiet meditative times in one of the many sacred places here. Thanks, Anne, for doing everything possible to make me feel at home. – Joe R, Rochester, NY

June 28, 2013
What a place to retreat to at the end of the day. A real joy to be so close to the piazza, the small town’s “living room”, and a short walk to the churches, museums, and life of this wonderful hill town.

Nothing like a dinner with our farm friends!

As a guest of Anne, you meet the locals, learn where the shops are for food stuffs, ceramics, linens, and most importantly the unique restaurants to sit and enjoy your meals, “piano, piano”. This place is a gem, ideally located, perfectly appointed, and comfortable for one or two, with the option of a mattress for a guest. My daughter visited me for a week, and Anne went out of her way to introduce her to the local color and farm families. I can’t wait to return.
Kevin, Greenfield, MA

Meet our treasured farm friends
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  • J. Kevin Crocker says:


    I just saw this post as I was touring the new website, wonderful, and now the longing to return begins.


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