Cara Comes Home – to il Nido Tranquillo

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Peppa shows Cara how to wash in the acqua di San Giovanni-2

Peppa shows Cara how to wash in the acqua di San Giovanni


Assisi’s been home for me for almost forty years and it’s magical draw is not easy to put into words. Our apartment guests experience the magic – and some, like Cara, just can’t seem to get away!

Cara was to stay in il Nido Tranquillo for just a couple weeks and then head to relatives in Campobasso for the rest of her Italy stay. Homesick for Assisi, she cut her southern Italy stay short to head back to the apartment! She told me today, her return to Assisi “felt like coming home.”

Everybody at Bar Minerva was glad to see her and Peppa welcomed her back with a wash in her sacred acqua di San Giovanni, and lavender from her garden and homemade soup.


Peppa welcomes Cara back with lavender for the apartment


Pino, Giulia and I ate at Peppa’s last night (Cara had a concert) and she sent soup back with me for Cara, reminding me “and ask Cara when she’s coming to dinner here again!” Wonder if Cara will also have time to head back to Orvieto to her “new friends” there (see below)?

Cara, bentornata a casa!

Here’s what Cara wrote me before leaving Assisi to head south:

“I’m sad to leave Assisi, but I feel like I’ll be back. When I booked this trip I was excited to see Assisi. However, this trip was more than just seeing Assisi, it was truly experiencing Assisi!! Never could I have dreamt of a better two weeks….well maybe in my dreams I would have spoken better Italian 🙂

I knew I would enjoy Assisi, as it is absolutely beautiful. However, by renting the apartment I was introduced to so much more than I would have been on my own. I met wonderful people, both Italian and American which led to getting together at various times throughout my trip.

I had delicious meals at Franca’s and a beautiful view. I expected wonderful tours with you, but was pleasantly surprised by the amazing people I met alongside me on the tours.

A visit to your farm, for a city girl who rarely cooks, was an evening to remember. We drove to “get land” to plant flowers and then I ended up picking fava beans from your garden.

An Atlanta girl with her just-picked fava beans

Good job on picking those lava beans, Cara!


Definitely a rare sight. So rare in fact that the goats were gawking and even the jackass was smart enough to know that Cara on a farm was something to smile at! Then it was off to Peppa’s, a true delight, to enjoy a meal at her home with her family.

Dinner at Peppa's

Dinner with Peppa, her son Giancarlo and Pino


Another amazing and unexpected experience was spending a weekend in Orvieto at the home of your son. He happened to be visiting Assisi at the time, but I was welcomed with open arms in Orvieto by his wife Francesca and her parents Francesco and Anna. I truly experienced the Italian life in Orvieto! I left full of homemade pasta and amazing meals compliments of Francesca and Anna. I even went to a school with Francesco so he could vote, boy did he have a few thoughts on the election! To my delight, I ended up in Orvieto during the feast of the Palombella, a celebration of Pentecost. An amazing experience where the people are as beautiful as their beloved Duomo!

I could go on and on and still never cover all the amazing experiences I’ve had during my time here. As much as I’d love to, if I do that, I’ll miss my train.

Thank you so much Anne. You’re amazing and your love for Italy and people definitely shines through in all you do.”

Cara K

Cara meets the elderly gentlemn of Spello - while on tour with us

On tour in Spello, Cara joins the local pensioners in afternoon conversation


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