Comments of Il Nido Tranquillo guests

Gale P., Atlanta, GA

If you are seeking a true Umbrian experience that is filled with excitement, gaining knowledge that exceeds the “typical” tour guide rhetoric speech, and provides you with the spirit of the Umbrian way of life, look to Anne Robichard to guide you!Anne is remarkable and by far the best tour guide I have ever experienced in my 25 years of international travel!

…(and) fell so completely in love with Assisi and Anne, that I returned to Assisi this January to stay until March, renting Anne’s apartment in Assisi. WOW! Talk about amazing! Her elegantly Umbrian furnished apartment is in the center of town which makes it easily accessible to all the activities, cafes, restaurants, shopping, sites, and transportation within Assisi!

Anne has made Assisi our “second home” and we feel quite blessed to have met her. Anne truly is an amazing and intellectual tour guide providing the best delivery and insight I have ever experienced from a tour, but even more, Anne is gifted with a personality that if infectious! You keep looking forward to speaking with her more and more, experiencing all that Italy has to offer! Make sure you take a tour with Anne..”

Judy D., Tucson, AZ

“We spent a week in Assisi and did several tours with Anne. No matter what the question,she had the answer and background. We were there during the Calendimaggion Festival and got bleacher seat tickets heough her connections which made it easy to see this wonderful event unfold. Even when we were on our own, she graciously supplied recommendations and information.

Because of Anne, we really had a better and deeper understanding of what we were seeing in the area. In addition, we stayed in her apartment which is a two-minute walk from the main square. All together, a delightful experience.”

Tony and Jeannie P.

Anne being here in your apartment was beyond anything we could have ever imagined. Thanks for getting us settled into Assisi life: from the wonderful lunch in your farmhouse was wonderful to the dinner with Peppa to all the suggestions you gave us.

And that tour of Assisi was an indication of your expert knowledge and it’s clear how much you love Assisi….and after two months here, we feel so much love for Assisi and Umbria. We will always treasure our time here, remembering all the special experiences that our in hearts forever.
Pace e bene…”

Judy T. , Ventor City, NJ

Anne, I will never be able to thank you enough for what you’ve done for me on this trip. I’vemet so many wonderful, interesting people through you (including your family) – never would have happened without you. You have enriched the experience beyond words.

(and on Trip Advisor):
I recently spend a month in Anne’s apartment just off the piazza in Assisi. It was one of the most incredible experiences of my life, mostly due to Anne and her attentiveness, generosity and wealth of information.

I had done a fair amount of research on Assisi for months before I went and still more while I was there. I had explored a lot of Assisi – it’s back street, churches, etc. I learned even more from some of the many people Anne introduced me to and from those introductions, friendships and excursions grew. About halfway through my month, I did an Assisi tour with Anne and found how much I’d had no idea of! I had done two other tours with Anne prior to my Assisi tour, which were incredibly informative and so well arranged.

She knows exactly where to take you, whether it’s for the significance of the site, or a shop or the restaurants she had reserved for us. But to see for the first time all the things I’d missed right in Assisi was amazing!! Everyone was amazed at her energy, her insights and most of all, her passion.

In addition to the tours, Anne took care of me in a myriad of other ways, having me to her house for dinner twice and inviting me out to dinner with her and her husband, Pino. (and they wouldn’t allow me to pick of the check!). These experiences enriched my time there beyond what I can express here. Anne is by far the best tour guide and resource I’ve ever had anywhere!

Diane C., Boulder, CO

I have been one of the fortunate few people who got to be a resident of Assisi for a few days thanks to Anne. Living in her rental apartment on a back street, a stairway to the center of town has been such a fun experience. Amazing that you can actually feel like a resident of Italy, and Assisi in only three days. But, when you are with Anne, and you get to meet everyone in town who then treats you like you have lived there forever, you are all of a sudden completely transformed!

It is a rare travel experience when you don’t feel like an outsider just passing through. Not to mention the lunch at a secret local spot, the dinner at the neighbor’s farm house (don’t bring wine, and insult them that their grapes aren’t good enough), dinner at Anne’s house (if you are lucky enough to get a cooking class or a meal), (and WOW is it beautiful there!), a tour of all the historical places, with art history, and ancient history 101 made fun and interesting, and I could go on, but it was only 3 days and I still can’t put it all in one comment page.

Anyway, I’ll be sad to leave, and already thinking about when I can come back!

Jan J, Australia

“Thanks so much for enriching my short stay by sharing your passion for beautiful Assisi.I leave with many memorable experiences – and not the least, the truly “nido tranquillo.”

Corin, San Francisco, CA

“Anne and Pino, thank you for making our visit to Assisi come alive! Your apartment is charming but it is you, Anne, who made us feel so welcome, who shared so much knowledge and passion for your Assisi.
It is a visit to always remember.

Dee L, San Francisco, CA

Thank you – you are such a special person – so hospitable and a wonderful guide. I so enjoyed all the information/knowledge of Assisi that flowed from you. It was a pleasure to be with you.
Pino, it was so nice to meet you at your serene and cozy farmhouse. 
Thank you, too!

Assisi is a delightful hilltop town (and) after 10 days here, I felt that I got to know the town quite well.It is a place that should be on everyone’s travel list.

Jerry, Lafayette, LA

“From the US, to Rome to Cinque Terre to Venice. We arrived stressed at your “Tranquil Nest,” Anne and were met with compassion, charm and a wonderful home-cooked meal!
Thank you! Can’t wait to return to beautiful Assisi. Hope to spend more time with you on the next visit.”

Col B., Orange NSW, Australia

Anne, your energy and the passion to share your knowledge of all aspects of Assisi and the surrounding region amaze me. My three weeks here in your “tranquil nest” apartment have exposed me to so many sensationally memorable experiences. Thank you, my friend!

Nicolas, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

“It was wonderful to be guided by you during our stay in Assisi! I loved your energy and drive in all you did. And staying in your apartment made my visit to Assisi complete: it gave me the opportunity to experience Assisi from another angle. Thank you.

Cara K

“I’m sad to leave Assisi, but I feel like I’ll be back. When I booked this trip I was excited to see Assisi. However, this trip was more than just seeing Assisi, it was truly experiencing Assisi!! Never could I have dreamt of a better two weeks …well maybe in my dreams I would have spoken better Italian 🙂

I knew I would enjoy Assisi, as it is absolutely beautiful. However, by renting the apartment I was introduced to so much more than I would have been on my own. I met wonderful people, both Italian and American which led to getting together at various times throughout my trip.

I had delicious meals at Franca’s and a beautiful view. I expected wonderful tours with you, but was pleasantly surprised by the amazing people I met alongside me on the tours.

A visit to your farm, for a city girl who rarely cooks, was an evening to remember. We drove to “get land” to plant flowers and then I ended up picking fava beans from your garden.

Definitely a rare sight. So rare in fact that the goats were gawking and even the jackass was smart enough to know that Cara on a farm was something to smile at! Then it was off to Peppa’s, a true delight, to enjoy a meal at her home with her family.

Another amazing and unexpected experience was spending a weekend in Orvieto at the home of your son. He happened to be visiting Assisi at the time, but I was welcomed with open arms in Orvieto by his wife Francesca and her parents Francesco and Anna. I truly experienced the Italian life in Orvieto! I left full of homemade pasta and amazing meals compliments of Francesca and Anna. I even went to a school with Francesco so he could vote, boy did he have a few thoughts on the election! To my delight, I ended up in Orvieto during the feast of the Palombella, a celebration of Pentecost. An amazing experience where the people are as beautiful as their beloved Duomo!

I could go on and on and still never cover all the amazing experiences I’ve had during my time here. As much as I’d love to, if I do that, I’ll miss my train.

Thank you so much Anne. You’re amazing and your love for Italy and people definitely shines through in all you do.

“Dr.” Gale ”, Atlanta, GA., USA

This apartment is filled with the love of Assisi and Umbria. During my 2 months’ stay, I have been able to find the tranquillity I sought so that I could pass my Phd exams. The apartment has become close to my heart as are the numerous new friends I have made in Assisi.

Assisi is a special place in the world to me and has become my second home.

Anne, I so enjoyed our short time together, trips to Peppa’s house …the tour of the Saint Francis Basilica and your marvelous cooking!
Thank you.

I wish i could have enjoyed more time in Umbria so as to see the beauty of this region but ny studies required 6 wks of time and prayer. Assisi is different than any other area in Italy: for me, there is no place but here.

I am sad to leave as I feel so loved and at home …but happy to be returning to my family.

I will miss everyone and this “tranquil nest” until I once again return and rejoice in being back to my beloved Assisi ..with blessings and love

Peggy M., USA

Seems like my stay in Assisi will be full of once-in-a-lifetime events. Last night was one of them. You have done so much for Assisi and for Italy.

Please let Peppa know of my gratitude and appreciation for a wonderful meal and thanks to all for their hospitality…( and) Sunday was a special day…right up there with the Pope’s Assisi visit. Woke up thinking about how lucky I am to be here and experience a day like your Thanksgiving. Been doing things other people just dream about.

Thank you for a beautiful day, fond memories and leftovers that are for the most part consumed… left a few things for late snack tonight.”

Valerie R., New York, NY

My last night at Il Nido Tranquillo and feeling sad: the apartment has been just that, a cozy (tranquil) nest. Staying here has been such a great experience – and there is everything you could want in an apartment with the local artworks really showing you what Assisi is all about.

And the location: only a few minutes walk to the main square / but in the quiet backstreets. Perfect! I stayed here for 16 nights and couldn’t have picked a better place! Anne will introduce you to “the locals”, let you know where to get a delicious meal (check out la Fontanella – in a beautiful garden) and help you find fun things to do while in Assisi. Looking forward to the next time I can stay here at Il Nido Tranquillo.

Sharon H, Lilburn GA

“We thank you for sharing your wonderful apartment with us…… Thank you, too, for sharing your extensive knowledge of Assisi and suggesting excursions to meet the warm and wonderful people of Assisi and the surrounding area.

Omar H., Lilburn GA

“Anne, you are my example of a true woman of resource. I am going back to the US with new ‘heroes’ on my list. Your boundless energy spurs me onward – and in Assisi, upward! Thank you for having us to dinner – you won’t say ‘no’! – and I will not forget your hospitality.
You were born for this city: this I truly know for sure. All my best…”

MACKENZIE, 13 years old (almost 14)

…a great stay here in Assisi! And Anne’s apartment is wonderful and feels just like home. The local artwork displayed everywhere is gorgeous. If you are fortunate engouth, get a tour with Anne: her insights are amazing and she is so knowledgeable. Iam only 13 and …a lot of things she talked about on her tours were interesting and fun for me. She is an amazing woman and I hope to be like her one day …she’s an inspiration to me in every way.

…Thank you, Anne, we had such an amazing stay and I’d love to come back again! ps This was a GREAT fourteenth birthday present!

Carol and Jerry, UK

Well, we’re at the end of a most delightful week. I wish it could go on longer. The hospitality, the organization and the singing. The concert in the Upper Basilica was magical… Thanks, Anne, for making it all possible. Hope to see you again soon. With love and best wishes.

Kevin, Greenfield, MA

What place to retreat to at the end of the day. A real joy to be so close to the piazza, the small town’s “living room”, and a short walk to the churches, museums, and life of this wonderful hill town. As a guest of Anne, you meet the locals, learn where the shops are for food stuffs, ceramics, linens, and most importantly the unique restaurants to sit and enjoy your meals, “piano, piano”. This place is a gem, ideally located, perfectly appointed, and comfortable for one or two, with the option of a mattress for a guest. My daughter visited me for a week, and Anne went out of her way to introduce her to the local color and farm families. I can’t wait to return.

Joe R, Rochester, NY

As the end of my five weeks in Assisi – (four staying in “Il nidi tranquilo”) – comes to an end, I am reflecting on the wonderful times I have had – the marvelous people I have met and the friends I have made. The apartment has been an ideal home to retreat to at day’s end, whether I’d traveling to neighboring towns, sitting in the piazza visiting with new friends, or spending quiet meditative times in one of the many sacred places here. Thanks, Anne, for doing everything possible to make me feel at home.

Linda J. – Minnesota

The apartment is cozy and comfortable and Anne was so welcoming and thoughtful.

We enjoyed her tours of Assisi (as her guest), Bevagna and Spello and her knowledge of art and history as well as insights into local life and culture.

We never would have found one of the best Assisi restaurants without her – where we ate three times.Franca’s cooking is amazing!”

Janey M. – Dallas, TX

…ahhhhhhh… does one spell “paradise”? Why, Il Nido Tranquillo, of course!! The perfect “home away from home” to relax, read and even cook a meal, after a long day of exploring the jewels of Assisi! I am on my 4th week of travel in Italy and I must confess thatAnne’s sweet apartments is the BEST!! On a street only a few steps from the main piazza; yet, it feels like you are in your own little sound-proof home. Very quiet…..with skylights abive the bed and the kitchen table which allows not only the beautiful sky of Assisi to shine thru, but also the stars and moon which will lull you to sleep! Highly recommended!!

Where do I begin?? As I prepare for my trip back to the states tomorrow after 3 glorious weeks in “My Nest…..oooops, THE Nest”, my heart is warm and my love for Assisi and sweet,sweet Anne is overflowing! I now think of her apt as MY lil slice of heaven It is the perfect retreat after very full days of exploring, touring with Anne and eating my way into oblivion!
Fully equipped with everything you could possibly need, plus many of Anne’s special touches. Quiet nights, sleepy mornings! It’s just the nicest place to stay when you’re visiting Assisi …a very easy walk to anywhere in town, plus all the restaurants!!
I had such fun on her rural tour….quite a humbling experience and the wine tasting in Spello?? Well, no words to describe that one! SO MUCH FUN!
She even invited several of us to her home for a meal cooked by her and her sweetheart of a husband and their son!! I call that hospitality with a capitol “H”!!
Thank you sweets… you made this part of my trip…the trip of my lifetime. I expect to see you next in Texas!!!! At my house!!
Much love…

Lynn and Charles G. – Denver, CO

Thanks to Anne for personalizing Assisi for us – we are now in love with another Italian city.Our stay at her delightful cozy little “nest” was more than we ever expected, so tastefully decorated with ceramics, artwork, antiques and modern pieces…

All the necessiities are here as well for cooking, laundry, reading, relaxing, watching TV… We have totally enjoyed our time here and so appreciated Anne taking the time to introduce us to the local shopkeepers and friends… Thanks again, Anne, for sharing your love of Assisi and Italy with us.

Len J. – Minnesota

We stayed at the IL Nido Tranquillo apartment for five days in late September. It is a hidden gem of the quaint historic back streets of Assisi. Only one block off of the heart of Assisi’s Piazza del Commune, it is a quiet respite away from all of the energy of the tourists…

It is truly quiet and tranquil! The kitchen was equipped with everything we needed to cook some of our meals and to make espresso in the morning…

…All said, it is a great apartment and we would highly recommend it and Anne!

Ali H. Stamford, CT, U.S.A

This apartment has been everything I expected and so much more: for a week, this has been my “home away from home.” Everything I have needed is here, comfortable and cozy. …and it’s so quiet here, especially at night!

Anne, the tours with you give me insights to Assisi that no guide book can possibly offer. Grazie!

It’s now back home for me but I am leaving a piece of my heart here in this apartment on a quiet street in Assisi. I will be back.