La Fontanella, Eating “Kilometro Zero”

October 9, 2012 1:22 pm Published by 5 Comments

Franca enjoys her tagliatelle ai funghi

Called in English, “eating farm-to-table”, the Italians call the savoring of fresh foods grown as locally as possible “mangiare kilometro zero”.
Franca at La Fontanella (“the little fountain” – you can see it on the wall just to left of the wooden doors opening to this garden/eating spot) often goes farther afield than a kilometer: I ate there today, relishing the grilled mushrooms she had found on Mt. Subasio – the mountain backdropping our Assisi – just this morning. How to resist her homemade “tagliatelle ai funghi”, made with more of those mountain mushrooms?
The salad included wild greens she had picked. Few people there today (La Fontanella is still a well-kept secret) so Franca joined me for lunch at my table in the garden, overlooking the valley below.

Drop in for lunch or dinner at La Fontanella in Via San Bernardo da Quintovalle when you are next in Assisi. No need to ask what’s on the menu: there will be just one or two dishes cooked by Franca that day, using fresh vegetables, organic meats, local olive oil and wines. Kilometro zero.

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  • FRANCA says:

    grazie anna!!!!!!!

  • Joseph DeRuyter says:

    “We’re going to be eating at Franca’s tonight. Come join us!” Anne, my landlady and tour guide, invited me on the first day of my five week stay in Assisi. Thankfully, I took her up on the invitation, as I was able to meet Franca and become acquainted with her wonderful culinary skills!
    I ended up eating at La Fontanella several times during my stay, and always found that it really didn’t matter what Franca had in store on a particular evening….there were always two or three choices and any one of them was sure to be a remarkable treat. On one evening in particular, I arrived relatively late and was the only one dining so I had the great opportunity to spend time getting to know Franca a bit. Just another opportunity to get to know the real Assisi….the real Italia! This lovely little garden eatery is, indeed, a well-kept secret….just off the beaten path, but only a few steps away from the Piazza del Comune. Don’t miss it! You won’t be sorry!

  • janey says:

    Oh……….how I miss Franca and her delicious meals! so many nights I was the only one there and she would still cook for me and have wine with me!
    such sweet memories!!

  • Laraine says:

    I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to writing this review. My family and I had lunch here in Sept 2013. What an enjoyable lunch!! the food was amazing as was the view from the garden. I need to go back and eat many more meals their and visit with both Anne and Franca. If you’re in Assisi do not miss La Fontanella!!

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