Peace and Goodwill in Assisi

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1926 Pax et Bonum in the Assisi pharmacy

San Francesco greeted the townspeople with “Pax et bonum” (“peace and goodwill”) as he wandered the labyrinthine Assisi backstreets preaching in the early 13th- century.

His greeting lives on in the town.

As you stroll Assisi today, walk bi-focally, so to speak: one eye down so as not to lose your footing and one eye up to catch all the details on the walls and on the rooftops (the chimneys!).

Over the Gothic pointed arches of many an Assisi entryway, you’ll see a colorful maiolica “pax et bonus” plaque.

Pax et bonum placed below an image of San Francesco

A “pax et bonus” greeting flanks many a window or doorway – or the greeting might be in Italian, rather than Latin, “pace e bene.”

You might see a plaque above a family crest, near an image of San Francesco – and many a store displays an array of plaques in rainbow colors.

The first “pax et bonum” plaques appeared in 1926 to commemorate the 700th anniversary of the death of the beloved patron saint of Italy, Francesco.

The Saint’s greeting lives on in Assisi, “la citta’ della pace.”

Click here for more on “pax et bonus” – and the new Pope!

Hand-painted pax et bonum plaques are for sale in Assisi

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  • mary e. reed says:

    Thank you so much for publishing your web site. I spent 3 or 4 hours in Assisi on a tour, not nearly enough time to walk, see and enjoy everyone and everything.

    I will return – soon I hope (within 15 months).

    Best wishes.


  • Kathleen Moffatt says:

    THIS brings back sooo many memories!!! My whole family has one of these tiles in their homes..I am saving this e-mail
    so many blessings
    I also have DERUTA pottery. Actually went to little village of Deruta
    did not want to leave & wished I were VERY rich!
    Sister Kathleen

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